Memory of Us by Camille Di Maio

A new author I found courtesy of NetGalley.


The Memory of Us by Camille Di Maio had me from page 1. When I finished reading it I was going to give the book 4 stars but after I kept thinking about the book I decided this was a 5 stars book. Julianne Westcott was a heroine that was wonderful to follow along as she deals with her relationships with friends, family and Kyle McCarthy. Julianne and Kyle’s relationship starts of as friendship and both know that it can’t be more do to Kyle going to the seminary and Julianne’s parents. There is a changing event that does allow them to be together and the story becomes about how they face the world together. The book is about choices and how they can change your world forever. Julianne has to make a choice that will alter everyone she knows lives. I really enjoyed this book and couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait to read more from Camille Di Maio!

I received a review copy of this title courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.

Review of The Study of Seduction by Sabrina Jeffries


The Study of Seduction by Sabrina Jeffries was engaging book from the first chapter to the last. I enjoyed the banter between Edwin and Clarissa, it truly made the book great. I am new to Sabrina Jeffries and this book made me a fan. I liked how Edwin was able to share an interest with Clarissa that she loved, I mean she freaks out when she meets someone she admires. I liked the little bets Edwin and Clarissa made with each other throughout the book adding to their banter. There was serious matter subject in book, which only enhanced the book to what it is. It brought Edwin and Clarissa closer in the book. I highly recommend this book as a Spring Read!

 Four Stars! 

I received a review copy of this title courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley.

My Book Club-BBB

Do you belong to a book club? I do! My book club is the best! Now I may be a little bit biased but who cares? We are 17 ladies from three states and 2 countries. You read correctly, we are international. Our book club is BBB: Books, Booze and Babes. The best part of the group is we all get along even though we all have different interests. We are committed to our book club; we have t-shirts, tote bags and even koozies. We have had Christine Trent (author of Lady of Ashes) come to a book club and have Skyped with Kristan Higgins (author of Waiting On you).   I am lucky to have found a group of ladies to share my passion of reading.

We read a variety of books including mystery, fiction, romance, science fiction, biography, suspense and so much more. The latest book we read was The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty. I was excited when we picked this book because I just finished the book and have loved other books by Liane Moriarty.  We highly recommend this book for book clubs. It comes with discussion questions but we found we didn’t need them.

The book tells the intertwining stories of three women, Cecilia, Rachel, and Tess. The story begins with Cecilia finding a letter from her husband meant to be opened upon his death. It contains a secret that ties the three women together and leaves each of them facing decisions that will impact not only themselves but their families. As soon as I found out the secret, I was completely hooked. I know other members of my book club had the same problem! This book spurred some great conversations around quality of life, the purpose of telling the truth, the unintended impact of individual choices, and how secrets can take on lives of their own over the years.

Liane Moriarty does a great job of showing how any decision you make can change your life in the blink of an eye and how those decisions can affect others around you. I also highly recommend her other books.

BBB gave the book 4 stars out of 5.

We hope you enjoy the book!


BFITWWW wants Book Recommendations

A few weeks ago BFITWWW wanted a few book recommendations since she was done with her semester.  So instead of giving her actual book recommendations I am going to give her some author recommendations. I have read over 225 books in the past year which makes it hard for me to pick a few of my favorites.

First up in no particular order, Kristan Higgins.  I started to read her books back in March when I won a virtual meeting with Kristan Higgins for my book club.  I actually had read one of her books before winning the contest and for some odd reason never went back to read her other books.  Well that changed very quickly in March, I was on a mission to read everything she had written!  I even waited to buy two of her books till November when i got to meet her in person at a book signing!  Her books are funny, and light hearted.  I think she bring a Catholic humor into her books which I enjoy because it makes the books relatable for me growing up as a child who went to Catholic School and very religious parents. I always laugh out loud when I read her books. I also will tell people funny quotes of things have happened in her books. In Goodreads, I have rated all of her books between 4 to 5 stars.

Kristan Higgins and Me!
Kristan Higgins and Me!

Next up is Christine Trent in particular, Lady of Ashes series. Currently, there are 3 books in this series.  I enjoyed this book because it wasn’t my usual to go to book when I pick something up.  It started off as a random choice on my digital library and now I recommend this series all the time.  I was very excited to find out that Christine Trent was going to be at a book signing I was going to be at.  My friend was able to ask Christine to come to our book club and speak (I know I have a pretty cool book club). She was able to tell us all about Victorian Mourning period, the publishing world and so much more.  So you are wondering what is this series about?  It is about Violet who is working with her husband as an undertaker where she takes on most of the responsibility and she is also starts to investigates some suspicious deaths.  I am anxiously waiting the next books in the series. My hope is to read the other books Christine Trent has written in 2015. In Goodreads, I have rated the Lady of Ashes series between 4 to 5.

Christine Trent and Me!
Christine Trent and Me!

This is hard there are so many authors that I really like so I am going to do Nora Roberts! If you know me personally, you know I love Nora Roberts/JD Robb.  I have read pretty much everything she has written and that is a lot of books.  I have met her numerous times at her bookstore in MD.  The bookstore has book signings throughout out the year where I get to meet wonderful new authors to me or authors who I have read.  Nora Roberts I feel has a little something for everyone. If you like a Romantic Mystery then you could ready many of her stand alone books.  Or if you enjoy a magic she has a few trilogies you might enjoy.

Nora Roberts and Me!  (One of many pictures)
Nora Roberts and Me! (One of many pictures)

So for right now those are my recommendations for BBITWWW and for anyone else who is looking for a good read.  I will put up some books that I think that you might enjoy.

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas.  We have had a great day.  We kept this Christmas very low key with going to mass and having dinner with just the family.  Mom showed me to how to make a special Indian dish called Biryani.  Due to how complex the dish is I won’t be able to publish it at this point.  I need to make sure I didn’t miss anything.  Mom has a tendency to add things to pot when I am not looking.

Merry Christmas! Here are some of the decorations in our home this year!

Mom loves Santa so we have tons!
Mom loves Santa so we have tons!
Our Dicken's Village
Our Dicken’s Village

Indian Christmas Sweets

In preparation for Christmas, our family joined a few of our family friends to make Indian Sweets and Savory Snacks. Everyone had a special part to play in the production from making dough, rolling, frying, or other tasks that needed to be done.

Throughout the day, many laughs were shared, too many jokes for me to remember all of them to share with you. Okay, maybe some of them I am trying to forget. In the end we were able to make and learn different recipes. My favorite part of the day was listening to everyone say his or her favorite memories about Christmas cooking. I know for me, this day will be highlight in the years to come.

Below are some of the delicious treats we made. Unfortunately, due to the organized chaos of the event I wasn’t able to get written recipes to share. There is always next year!

Murukku is on the left and Sev is on the right
Murukku is on the left and Sev is on the right