Booking Signing Fun!

Over the weekend I had a great adventure!  Actually it is an adventure, I am lucky to make a trip  few times a year up to Boonsboro, MD to Turn the Page Bookstore. (For those who don’t me well, I love to read.  Last year I read 225 books and so far this year I have read 37 books.) They do signings a couple times of the year with one of my all time favorite authors, Nora Roberts.  One of my favorite parts of the signings is I get to discover new authors and their books.  I have discovered so many authors by going to these signings.  I will never be at a loss of what book to read next because I have met so many authors that I enjoy.

I was especially excited for this signing because Sarah Addison Allen was going to be there.  I have been reading her books for quite some time now and have loved them all.  I picked up her latest book First Frost which I have been anxiously waiting to read and I have started it.  Her books have a bit of magic that makes her books extra special to read.

Other authors I picked up included Kristen Proby, Teri Wilson, R.C. Ryan/Ruth Langan and Sarah MacLean.  One of the reasons signings are so special is because you get to talk to the authors a little bit. Maybe I talk a little too much, (I got called out by Nora Roberts which actually made me super excited) but it makes me recommend authors books to my friends when I know the authors are friendly.

If you are ever in Maryland during a signing, I recommend going to Turn the Page Bookstore because the staff there is so extremely friendly and answer your questions with a smile.  They have signings to an art, its unbelievable how many people they have come to these events.  It amazes me how they handle signing each time I go.  I am in awe of their great staff.

Here are a few pictures from the big day! (Thank you to my photographer)  Look for some book reviews to come soon!
~Till Next Time


I had won a drawing.
I had won a drawing.
Sarah Addison Allen and Me
Sarah Addison Allen and Me
Getting books signed by Kristen Proby and Teri Wilson
Getting books signed by Kristen Proby and Teri Wilson
Sarah MacLean
Sarah MacLean and Me

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